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          The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Business
                                            Ayodya Bali Resort

ICSSB is a forum of communication for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the areas of Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Information Management, Education, Psychology, Communication, Law, and Politics will be held in Bail, during June 27-29, 2014. Through its broadly defined scope, we welcome interdisciplinary perspectives such as politics, psychology, government and management. Please pass on this news to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in join this academic conference. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us by email : icssb@icssb.org

To Register as a ICSSB member:
To Submit Abstract/Full Papers: http://www.icssb.org/guide.asp
Email to the Secretariat: icssb@icssb.org

Latest News:.

201406 Bali-Conference Program.pdf

Please check the above program for your presentation time and date. The registration is now close. The presentation may be scheduled in Poster Sessiom if the registration fee is made after May 20th, 2014.Noted, any requests for modifying the author’s information/abstract/full paper in the ICSSB program/proceedings are not acceptable after this date.

In response to a large number of requests from ICSSB members, Bali Suci Tours proposed their tour options in Bali, South Indonesia.

Detailed information can be found below. This is a non-profit service by the secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent directly by email to : reservation@balisuci.com

Optional Tours BALI OPTIONAL TOUR.pdf
Land Tour.pdf

Optional Socializing Event

Extra USD 100 Bail Half Day Tour.pdf
Please email icssb@icssb.org for further information

Tour proposal for participants from Taiwan
In response to a large number of requests from Taiwan participants, the Flying Master Travel proposed their tour plan to Bali. Detailed information can be found below. This is a non-profit service by the secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent directly.

烏布泛舟、森林探險、南灣、LuLu SPA、研討會五日-0627.pdf

Tour proposal for participants from South Korea
The VA KANGS TRAVEL proposed their tour plan to Bali.Detailed information can be found below. This is a non-profit service by the secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent Chtistt Kang (christy_kang@hotmail.com).
Itinerary -Korean.pdf

ocal host /Keynote Speaker

Dr. Eddy Junarsin
Chair of the Publication
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Apart from his professional activities as a wealth management consultant and securities trader, Eddy Junarsin (John) is a faculty member of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and a visiting professor of the Faculty of Business and Law, Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) in 2003, and was awarded a bachelor’s degree as the best graduate. In addition, he got an international experience during 2002-2003 by participating in an exchange program at Hiroshima University of Economics, Japan. He then continued studying and earned an M.B.A. degree from the National Graduate School of Management, Australian National University, Australia in 2006 with the Chancellor's Letter of Commendation for Outstanding Academic Performance. In 2013, he defended his dissertation at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, U.S., and was accordingly conferred as a Ph.D. in Finance. John is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business, the Chair of the Publication Office of FEB UGM, and the General Manager of UGM Residence. He was also the Secretary of the AACSB Accreditation Task Force during 2013.


Important Dates 

Submission Deadline

19 April, 2014
20 March , 2014

1st Acceptance Notification

 7 April, 2014

1st Registration Deadline 

25 April, 2014

 2nd Acceptance Notification

28 April, 2014

2nd Registration Deadline 

14 May, 2014

The 3rd ICSSB Conference Dates

27-29 June, 2014


International Liaison / Honorable Chairperson

Yong-Won Seo
Operations Management & Management Science
Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS), Seoul, Korea


Dr. Yong-Won SEO is currently an Associate Professor of Operations Management & Management Science in Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS), located in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. in Seoul National University. His major research areas include the Supply Chain Management and the Service Operations Management, with the analytical and the experimental methods. He is a board member of Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society(KORMS), Korean Production & Operations Management Society(KOPOMS), and Korean Society of Supply Chain Management(KSCM). In addition to the academic researches, he has been executing consulting projects on the public informatization policies and guidelines to the government and public agencies including Ministry of Security and Public Administration(MOSPA), Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP), National Information Society Agency(NIA).

Publication Opportunities

All ICSSB accepted papers will have the chance to be published in the following co-journals.

Current Research Journal of Social Science
Print ISSN:2041-3238
Online ISSN:2041-3246

Asian Journal of Business Management
Print ISSN:2041-8744
Online ISSN:2041-8752

Current Research Journal of Economic Theory
Print ISSN:2042-4841
Online ISSN:2042-485X

Research Journal of Information Technology
Print ISSN:2041-3106
Online ISSN:2041-3114


Full papers and Abstracts are invited to submit. Interesting topics are listed below for your reference only, not limited to the following topics.  If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat by email icssb@icssb.org.

Finance and Accounting

Management of financial institutions

Accounting standards and regulations

Accounting and 
Earnings Management

Forensic Accounting and Fraud

Banking crises and assurance

Management Control Systems

Financial accounting


Environmental accounting

Strategic Accounting

Electronic crime

Management accounting

Social accounting

Economics and Accounting

Foreign exchange markets

Regulations of financial markets

Complexity in Business and Economics

Monetary Economics and Finance

Banking, Accounting and Finance

Financial Services Management

Applied Economic Studies

Strategic Engineering Asset Management

Business and Economics Engineering

Financial Markets and Derivatives

Law and finance

Mergers and acquisitions

Mutual funds management

Business and Economics

Business Administration

International Enterprise

Human resources


Supply Chain

Organizational Behavior

Information Management

Electronic Commerce

Industry Innovation

Corporate Governance

Health Care Management


The overall economy and economic growth

Econometric models and test methods

Hospitality and Tourism

Economic theory and mathematical economy

The public economy and economy of public health

The environment, resources, and agricultural economy

International economy and industry

Economic analysis of family interactions

The formation of human resources and market mechanisms

IM and TM

Advanced Database

Computer Vision

Computer Networks

Computer Architecture

Artificial Intelligence

Data Management

Computational and Artificial Intelligence

Data Communication and Networking

Global Environmental Management

Knowledge Management

Mobile computing

Networks and Systems

Information Management

Innovation Management

Technology Management

Technology Economics

Operational Management

R&D Management

Law of Science & Technology and IPR

High-tech Business Strategies

Technology and Humanity

Data Mining



Education and Psychology

Psychology and Counseling

Physiological Psychology

Environmental Psychology

Special Education

Family Studies

Consulting Psychology

Civic Education and Leadership

Health Psychology

Adult and Continuing Education

Health Promotion and Health Education

Personality and Social Psychology

Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy

Society and Philosophy

Globalization impacts

Online Society or Online Community

Ethic in Society or online society

Family Research

Social Work in Modern Society

Child Research

Social Research or Social Science

Social Policy and Social Legislation

Caring or Research for the Elderly Social Psychology

Technology or Criminology in Society or Online Society



Communication and Culture










History and Geography

Literature and Poetry

Museums & heritage

Music and Art

Architecture African Studies

Religious studies

Language and Communication

Communication Management

Education Communications and Technology

Information Communication

Communication Arts


Law and Politics

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Public Law

Political Economy

Labor and Social Law

Climate Change Law

Politics and Ethics

Copy Right Law

Conflict of Laws

Legal History

Reforming and Consolidated

Political Science

International Affairs and Strategic Studies

Governmental Systems & Practices

History of western political thought

International Relations

Economic and Financial Law

International Human Right Law

Public Administration and Policy

Western constitutional thought







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International Liaison
Dr. Eddy Junarsin
Chair of the Publication
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

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